About us

About us

Meet H2One

H2One is a church made up of a diverse group of Christian people from across Adelaide. We are united by our love of Jesus and our passion for worshipping him.

Our Mission

We seek to “seek out people, making disciples who make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).

We are committed to showing God’s love to those around us, and sharing the good news of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

Our Beliefs

H2One is a member of the South Australia Baptist Churches and ascribe to the core Baptist beliefs.


For people who call H2One their home church, opportunities are provided to give financially to the work of God through the church. This can be done during the Sunday services or through online giving. We see giving financially as an act of love, sacrifice and gratitude and something each individual determines in prayer and consideration with God. This money is then used within H2One to support Pastoral ministry, other ministries of the church and cover practicalities required of an incorporated body. Our budget is readily available to H2One Ministry team members and is annually ratified by these members.

If you would like to give to the Ministry of H2ONE, electronic funds transfer can be submitted to:

Name: H2One Baptist Church Inc

BSB: 704-922

Account: 100017095

Meet Our Vision Team

Craig Millowick

Craig is the pastor of H2One. Craig oversees the bible study groups and Point Pearce teams. He is passionate about Jesus setting the agenda for our lives and that we are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit (John 15:4,5). He implores that we may not only listen to Jesus but do what He says and so build for the storm (Matt 7:24-27), and that we may not stray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ (2 Cor 11:3).


Adrian oversees the ‘Hungering and Thirsting’ ministry of prayer at H2One. Adrian is passionate about H2One being a spiritually fit group of people.